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Are you looking to make smart and profitable real estate investments? Look no further! J HARRIS GROUP Holdings LLC is your trusted partner in the world of real estate investing. With a proven track record of double-digit returns secured by real estate, we are here to help you build your financial future.

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Your Trusted Advisor

Jerry Harris, a licensed Keller Williams Agent, and Tennessee General Contractor, founded J HARRIS GROUP Holdings LLC four years ago with a vision to educate and guide individuals in making sound real estate investments. With his wealth of experience and expertise, Jerry is committed to helping you navigate the real estate market successfully.

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Double-Digit Returns

Expert Guidance

Proven Success

Our investors consistently earn impressive 12% returns on their investments, providing a secure and attractive option for growing their wealth.
With Jerry Harris as your advisor, you’ll have access to expert knowledge and personalized investment strategies tailored to your goals.
Our track record speaks for itself. We’ve helped countless investors achieve their financial objectives through smart real estate investments.

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Sometimes Who You Invest With Matters More than What You Invest In

At J HARRIS GROUP Holdings LLC, we believe that real estate investing should be accessible to everyone. Let us be your partner in building a brighter financial future. Contact us today to start your journey towards financial success!


At J Harris Group Holdings, we flip every house we handle safely and efficiently. My long-lasting relationships with local companies and contractors allow us to confidently outsource jobs in the most effective way possible. With over 75 successful projects completed, I am excited to continue to grow our portfolio at J Harris Group Holdings. I now hope to aid in others’ success. By getting over hurdles in your path rather than running the other way, everyone can achieve their own success. Looking for a mentor, coach, or motivational speaker? Message me, I would love to discuss the possibilities.

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