Becoming a Partner

Becoming a Partner with J HARRIS GROUP Holdings LLC

Thank you for expressing interest in becoming a partner with J HARRIS GROUP Holdings LLC. We are thrilled that you’re considering joining us on our mission to make real estate investing accessible and profitable for everyone. Partnering with us is a straightforward process, and here’s how you can get started:

Let us know about your interest in becoming a partner and any specific questions or inquiries you may have.


We’ll schedule an initial consultation with you, either in person or virtually, based on your preference and location. During this consultation, we’ll get to know you better, understand your investment goals, and provide you with an overview of our investment opportunities and partnership options.

Customize Your Partnership

At J HARRIS GROUP Holdings LLC, we understand that every investor is unique. We will work closely with you to tailor a partnership arrangement that aligns with your objectives, whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term investments, specific asset classes, or a hands-on or hands-off approach.

Due Diligence and Agreement

Once you’ve decided on the partnership structure that suits you best, we’ll provide you with the necessary information, including financial documents, legal agreements, and disclosures. It’s essential to perform due diligence and seek legal or financial advice if necessary before finalizing your partnership.


Upon agreement and completion of the necessary paperwork, you’ll officially become a partner with J HARRIS GROUP Holdings LLC. You can begin your real estate investment journey, guided by our expert team and Jerry Harris’s valuable insights.

Ongoing Support and Communication

As a partner, you’ll have access to our ongoing support and resources. We believe in transparent and open communication, providing regular updates on your investments and market insights to help you make informed decisions.

Grow Your

Our ultimate goal is to help you grow your real estate portfolio and achieve your financial objectives. Whether you’re interested in single properties, multi-family units, or commercial ventures, we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

Let’s Get Started

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